Consignor Information

You may bring in as many items of clothing as you like, though it is at the discretion of Just Fabulous as to what will be consigned to sell in the boutique.  If you want the remaining items returned to you, you must stay until all items have been reviewed for consignment.  If you wish to donate, you may drop off your consignment items at any time during store hours.

ALL clothing items must be clean, pressed and ready to hang and wear. (It is preferred to have the clothing on hangers.)  Clothing styles should not be more than 3 years old.  Home décor items must be clean and ready to be displayed for sale.  Home décor items accepted are at the discretion of Just Fabulous management.

Items must be in perfect condition (no missing buttons, animal hair, wrinkles, stains, smoke smell, broken zippers, etc.)  Items that are discovered to be damaged after the initial inspection will be removed from consideration and damaged out of inventory.  Just Fabulous reserves the right to discount Merchandise during sales events.

Just Fabulous accepts designer, couture, better department store and specialty clothing store designs and brands of women’s clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, home décor, etc.

Just Fabulous will not accept any brands from any large box store (i.e Wal-Mart).

Prices will be determined by Just Fabulous.  The commission split is 30% of the selling price to the consignor, 70% to Just Fabulous.  Commission checks are processed and paid out each week based on the first initial of your last name. Refer to payout chart at the front desk.  No exceptions.  You can come into Just Fabulous during that time to pick up your check.  A check fee of $.50 will be deducted from your account.  There will be an additional charge of $1 for mailing checks out. Store credit is good any time of the month. Balances not used within 12 months will revert to the general account.  Commissions under $20 will be paid in cash only. 

Once you have dropped off your items at Just Fabulous, your job is done!  Just Fabulous will do the rest.  We have 90 days to sell your consigned (clothing & shoes only) items.  If you chose to have any unsold items returned to you at the end of the 90 days, it is your responsibility to pick up any of your unsold merchandise.  Just Fabulous will not contact you. (You may pick up your items after 75 days of your contract period.)  If you have not picked up unsold items by the end of the contract period, they become the property of Just Fabulous.

All consignors must complete a consignment contract in order to open an account with Just Fabulous. Just Fabulous is not responsible for loss of merchandise due to fire, theft, act of god…etc.

PLEASE NOTE:   Just Fabulous staff must review ALL items in person….we will not make judgments based on hearsay or photos.  All merchandise must be clean, and free of any damage, stains, pet hair, etc.  Merchandise will not be accepted otherwise.